We also have stands in our offer:

Metal racks

We are manufacturers of exceptionally durable metal stands.

A large hole with a diameter of 10 cm allows you to place the trees with a height of over 3m into the racks, with the spreading legs of the stand providing stability. Use of three screws which do not require other tools, help to set the Christmas tree in the vertical, and the spike placed  in the bottom of the stand provides water access to the trunk.

Currently, our racks are sold in the largest shopping center chains in Poland. Moreover, we export them to Denmark and Scotland through our local partners.



4,2 kg


matt black (other colors on request)

Min. diameter of the  trunk

40 mm

Max. diameter of the  trunk

100 mm



Use for

caucasian fir, norway spruce, blue spruce (silver)


 three screws


bottom with a spike




Plastic racks



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