We deliver each batch of trees directly to customers throughout Poland. We use proven carriers, which guarantees deliveries on time.


We have localities with  warehouses in five cities:

  • Warsaw - central warehouse
  • Cracow
  • Wroclaw
  • Poznan
  • Gdańsk

In individual cases, the Christmas tree can be picked up also in Lublin and Rzeszów.



How do we pack the Christmas tree?


For protection and easy movement of trees, Christmas trees are packed in  a grid of polyurethane and are stacked on pallets. Thanks to this operation, (depending on the size and height of the trees,) trees can be easily transported on one CT pallet (dimensions 270 x 120 cm) in number of 50 to 150 pcs.. There is also the possibility of packing Christmas trees on EURO pallets measuring 80 x 120 cm. The choice of pallets is up to individual choice. Below is a table of possible amount of trees on one pallet.



Assortment  CT range palette  pallet EURO
Christmas tree cut (height in cm.) Min. Amount [pcs.] Max. Amount [pcs.] Min. Amount [pcs.] Max. Amount [pcs.]
100-125 150 170 50 60
125-150 140 150 45 50
150-175 110 120 35 40
175-200 90 120 30 35
200-225 70 110 20 25
225-250 60 90 15 20
250-300 50 60 0 0

Christmas tree in a pot (height in cm)

60-90 100 120 35 40
90-120 90 110 30 40
120-150 70 90 20 30
Metal stands 0 0 40 80
Wreaths 700 1100 200 330


You can mix assortments according to individual arrangements. The solution, which accelerates unloading of the pallets from the car,  is a load list (specification transport). This document is always supplied to the Customer electronically or directly before unloading (for purchases of the whole truck.

Transportation is usually carried out by companies with whom we work for many years. In other cases, we warn against the use of open shipments in which pallets of Christmas trees are exposed to air momentum. This can significantly reduce the quality of the trees through excessive drying.

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